AT UISPL, we believe in getting to know our prospects on a more personal level so that we can precisely match them with as per our clients’ demands and openings. We learn about an employee’s education, background, and skills to find not only the perfect position but also the right organization. It is critical to us that both sides benefit from our collaboration. If you succeed, so will we! We will do everything in our power to assist you, as our candidate and our client, in meeting your personal goals.

We take pleasure in meeting or exceeding our clients’ temporary demands for flexi staffing employment. To achieve the best possible standards for each client, we:

  • Manage the entire duration of employment and end-to-end HR intervention to ensure cost-effective and hassle-free staffing solutions.
  • Structured hiring and onboarding as per client’s requirements.
  • Thorough verifying of certificates, medical history, physical fitness, and completion of other documentation as per SLA.
  • Initial orientation to the organization’s conventions, job obligations, and standing orders, if any.
  • Salary and other benefits are based on eligibility and statute and paid on time in accordance with SLA.
  • Training on safety, code of conduct, and basic behaviour skills is provided when the necessity arises.
  • Regular engagement to boost morale and improve motivation.
  • Periodic attrition analysis through structured exit management and solutions.
  • Prompt grievance resolution in accordance with organizational norms and SOPs under SLAs.
  • 100% On-time statutory compliance with confirmation to all stakeholders
Fixed Remuneration Base and Minimum Wage Base

Fixed remuneration base and minimum wage base are two important concepts in the field of employment and compensation. Fixed remuneration base refers to the predetermined and agreed-upon amount of salary or wage that an employee will receive for a set period of time, usually one year. On the other hand, the minimum wage base refers to the lowest amount of compensation an employer is legally required to pay to their employees.

Here are some bullet points related to these two concepts:

Fixed Remuneration Base:
  • Agreed upon between employer and employee.
  • Stays the same for a set period of time (usually one year)
  • Can include a basic salary and benefits such as health insurance, paid time off, etc.
Minimum Wage Base:
  • Legally mandated by the government
  • Updated periodically to account for inflation and cost of living increases.
  • Applies to all employees regardless of their agreements with their employers.
  • Can vary by country, state, or province.


UISPL offers permanent staffing solutions for all industries and job descriptions, from executive to C-level, with an extensive database of people looking for permanent opportunities and a comprehensive filter to land the top personnel in any firm. Our talent acquisition approach will assist you in finding the appropriate fit for your firm in no time.

Our services for your permanent staffing requirements:

  • Find a ‘Fit-to-Hire’ candidate as soon as possible. We supply the best candidates for your organization’s needs.
  • Smooth and rapid talented personnel hiring to ensure operational continuity.
  • Optimal hiring with a short turnaround time to improve business productivity.
  • Intensive selection and initial screening procedure of candidates with a minimum of 2-5 CVs requisite to ensure longer staff retention
  • Consistent client support and coordination of interactions from salary negotiation through offer release.
  • To avoid LOI attrition, we provide consistent candidate engagement throughout the process.
  • Smooth coordination by our experience staff members to ensure minimum inconvenience to both clients & candidates.
  • We offer technology-enabled cloud-based monitoring of the whole recruitment process, allowing you to follow and stay up-to-date on every element as needed. Know who, when, and how efficiently candidates enter your organization from a single interface customized to your needs.

Our business solutions have resulted in long-term relationships with significant industry players, thanks to the high quality of personnel we provide in the most efficient manner possible, resulting in fewer errors and iterations.

IT Staffing

Today’s corporate environment necessitates adaptability. UISPL has established a unique perspective on the convergence of talent and business by providing end-to-end IT staffing services. As one of the leading IT staffing businesses, we help you accomplish and optimize the most strategic and variable component of business success—the appropriate people with the right skills, capabilities, and attitudes. We are a unique technical staffing agency, and our partnership model focuses on your specific needs, such as:

We are a unique technical staffing agency, and our partnership model focuses on your specific needs, such as:

IT staff augmentation, technical staffing solutions, and IT contract staffing.

  • Supplying short-term, seasonal, or temporary IT staffing agency requirements,
  • Providing contract-to-hire talent for project-based support with the prospect of hiring the contractors as permanent employees
  • Contract Staffing, including onsite, hybrid, and remote (IT staff outsourcing) services
  • Finding the permanent top talent, your company requires today.

Technical and Non-Technical Staffing

UISPL strives to hire more efficiently and quickly by coordinating the entire recruitment process. Our team has served a diverse range of clients, from start-ups to huge corporations. We are a staffing partner for a variety of businesses. Let’s collaborate to help you find the most remarkable talent in the industry while you focus on operating your company. To address your staffing concerns as per your requirements for either tech or non-tech personnel, we provide both:

Tech Staffing Solutions and Services: Finding, selecting, and recruiting the most capable tech professionals for your business technical requirements. We guarantee qualified candidates with relevant skills and knowledge for their designated position.

Non-Tech Staffing Solutions and Services: Our recruiters have experience working in a variety of industries and employment fields. Engineering, Accounting, Finance, FMCG, Manufacturing, Architecture, Back-office operations, and other Professionals are among them. So, you can even expect non-IT staff like civil engineers, mechanics, machine operators, and the like. Our skilled recruiters work to streamline the hiring process. They find the best candidates and screen them for you, allowing you to choose from the best.


Over the years, payroll services have evolved into a challenging operation, resulting in the emergence of several organizations in India in the payroll outsourcing services business. UISPL has the necessary experience and staff to provide HR solutions and payroll software to carry out payroll processing operations flawlessly. Our clientele includes a variety of large and mid-sized businesses across the country to whom we provide first-rate payroll solutions and services. We offer diverse and robust payroll services via payroll software, which can relieve management systems of a significant administrative burden and allow them to focus on essential business operations. By taking over their payroll processes, we let the company devote time, resources, and technology to business growth.

Our robust payroll processing system can regulate and maintain-

  • Absent Management
  • Authorized Leave
  • Unauthorized Absence
  • Absence on account of on-duty travel
  • Leave management
  • Travel management
  • Legal, statutory compliances