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Project Name

Fifth Census of Minor Irrigation - Digitization

About Project

Digitization Record of Fifth Census of Minor Irrigation in Bihar.
Orgnisation: Fifth Census of Minor Irrigation
Manpower: Approx 150
Start Date: 22-November-2016
Record Digitized: Approx 4.7 Lacs
Value of Assignment: 20 Lacs
Duration:2 Months
Status: Ongoing

Project Description

Minor Irrigation Schemes are defined as those structures either in ground water or in surface water category having Culturable Command Area (CCA) up to 2000 ha. Minor Irrigation Schemes have a major role in Agricultural Development in the county. These schemes have a short gestation period, require limited investment and provide benefits within a short time to millions of farmers in the country. Minor Irrigation accounts for major share of the irrigation potential. Due to change in technology from manual and animal-based equipments to mechanized equipments and with availability of advance water distribution devices, there has been a shift in the share of different types of Minor irrigation schemes. To have a clear picture of the distribution and use of different types of minor irrigation schemes, it is necessary to obtain detailed information on the existence, working condition, cost of construction and operation and other issues related to functioning of minor irrigation schemes through a Census of Minor irrigation schemes. Minor irrigation Census is also necessary to study the changes in utilization pattern of these schemes. Census of Minor Irrigation Schemes is being conducted once in five years throughout the country under the central scheme “Rationalization of Minor Irrigation Statistics (RMIS)”. All the States/UTs are involved in the collection of data on specific types of schemes, viz. Dug-Wells, Shallow and Deep Tube-Wells, Surface Flow and Lift Schemes along with specific features.

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